Workshop on Experimentation in Milan

Experimental Designs in Strategic Management Research This SMS Conference Extension event took place at Bocconi University on September 23rd, 2016 and was designed to provide a discussion on the use and the benefits of experimental methodologies in strategic management research - an area that is most important for GOLDEN's research activities. During the day the basis and prerequisites for experimental research in strategic management were discussed. Several papers on experimental research in strategy highlighted the opportunities and challenges of this type of experimental research settings. The presentation of the potential of the use of virtual reality technology in experimental research opened another important line of discussion.

Cooperation between GOLDEN and ISVC


The International Forum on Sustainable Value Chains (ISVC) and GOLDEN agreed to engage in a closer cooperation in research on global value chains. Since many MNEs and governments put an increasing focus on sustainability aspects in supply chains, ISVC and GOLDEN decided to join hands in grant applications and project development to leverage the complimentary strengths of both networks. This research aims at introducing and accelerating changes in international procurement practices.

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