Call for action: GOLDEN for Government Institutions

GOLDEN is working on an important initiative to propose the idea of creating a Sustainable Enterprise Model Innovation (SEMI) Lab as an innovative form of policy intervention to support and speed up the diffusion of sustainability experimentation within firms’ core activities (governance, strategy-making, control and incentive systems, leadership and managerial mind-sets, etc.).

We are discussing the idea with the OECD, with UN Agencies (UNGC, UNIDO, UNEP, ILO), with the support of ministries in the Italian and the French Government.  For instance, the concept has been officially proposed by the Italian government to the meeting of UNGC donors (governments), with positive initial feedback.  We now have to expand the document to full proposal status for the next meeting of UNGC donors in the fall. We will also present the collaborative initiative at a specific workshop organized by OECD at the end of September. 

If you are interested to collaborate and contribute to this line of work, please contact Nicoletta Ferro.

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