GOLDEN Cooperating with UNEP

UNEP has invited GOLDEN to develop a position paper aimed at positioning its Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Network (RECP net) within the new 2030 Development Agenda recently launched by the UN. An introductory presentation of the pillars of the 2030 development Agenda was given by GOLDEN at the yearly RECPnet meeting in Davos. That was also the occasion to start interviewing a sample of RECPnet members to hear what their position on the SDGs is and how they envisage future challenges deriving from the 2030 Agenda. A further focus of this work will be to explain the opportunities for cooperation with all kinds of stakeholders provided by the new agenda. This includes an assessment on which goals have the most immediate effects for the private sector. Ultimately the paper should help to position the RECP network members within the new agenda and to allow an alignment of the RECP net activities with the SDGs, COP21 and other global multi-stakeholder processes.

GOLDEN’s contribution in this project is lead by Nicoletta Ferro. For any questions in this context please contact her directly at Nicoletta Ferro.

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