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A political discourse over sustainability has spread into China within the last decade. As the ‘unintended consequences‘ of 30 years of intensive and unregulated economic development, started to emerge, Beijing realised that sustainability related issues have a fundamental role to play in both the domestic and international agenda. Environmental pollution (water soil and air), chronic violation of workers rights, excessive pressure on natural resources, growing social disparity, urbanization, the consequences of climate change are only some of the challenges the current leadership has been called to face. The approach Beijing has decided to take in dealing with sustainability issues is not entirely based on wellknown western paradigms. Within its political, cultural and economics unique scenario China authorities and corporate world have acquired foreign ideas and digested them endowing the discourse over sustainable development and related corporate social responsibility practices (CSR) with unique characteristics, tailored to China’s social and political circumstances.

Is this within this framework that Golden has started to discuss with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), a prominent governmental think tank, how to contribute to its Security and Crises Management Program (SCM) focusing on Strategic Management and Risk Prevention. One of the key areas of the collaboration will undoubtedly cover EU, China and Central Asia cooperation and the “New Silk Road Economic Belt”. GOLDEN will be asked to provide unbiased analysis to envisage hidden risks related to sustainability issues (both in terms of environment and social stability) for Chinese SOEs  operating abroad as well as to provide training for Chinese officials and develop policy papers with SCM. An MoU between GOLDEN and SASS has been signed and a trip to China is set for next September to set up next steps.

If you are interested in GOLDEN’s activities in China please contact Nicoletta Ferro.

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