Companies are missing their climate goals with misaligned behaviour

The latest Leonardo Centre on Business for Society scientific paper -published in Nature Communications - finds:

The aim was to better understand what differentiates companies that are able to reduce their emissions to levels compatible with the targets of the Paris Agreement and those that aren’t. The research team analysed 1,900 companies in high-emitting sectors (Energy, Industrial, Material, Utilities), a subset of the GOLDEN sustainability database of over 800,000 sustainability initiatives extracted from over 40,000 corporate sustainability reports published by over 9,000 companies.
Companies with emission pathways aligned with the targets of the Paris Agreement focused more effort on developing innovative solutions to meet their energy goals and the investment in renewable resources, as opposed to managing existing assets. In contrast, the focus of misaligned companies lies more heavily in risk-mitigating activities, such as the modification of existing assets and procedures.
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Thanks from the whole Leonardo team - to authors Simone CenciMatteo BuratoMarek Rei and Maurizio Zollo for your excellent work.