GOLDEN Sustainability Database 3.0. Executive Education. Engaged field experimentation.


From big data exploitation to collaborative education and experimentation in corporations.


The overarching research question that guides the GOLDEN program is: How do companies learn to change towards more sustainable enterprise models? GOLDEN’s research is thus designed to identify and assess the factors that influence companies’ capacity to drive the transformational change processes that might lead them to embed sustainability principles deeply into their products, processes, systems, strategies, governance, culture, and the purpose/mission that motivates their existence and their members’ identityfit.

GOLDEN aims to tackle this question in the context of a global business-academia-institutions partnership and through the adoption of a large mix of methodologies.

GOLDEN Sustainability Database 3.0

At the core of all of the foundation’s activities is the unique GOLDEN Sustainability Database (currently version 3.0) which documents the sustainability behaviour of thousands of companies over 20 years in the form of corporate sustainability initiatives.

The GSD is constantly being expanded. Currently it includes around 400,000 corporate sustainability initiatives from about 20,000 sustainability reports of about 4,000 publically listed companies. The data is sorted in terms of the 17 SDG goals, 14 types of sustainability behaviours (from donations to change of operations), and stakeholder recipients. The data is available in aggregated and text form. The data collection is based on AI processes. The database is constantly being expanded..

We invite individual researchers, and academic institutions to join our existing network in the GOLDEN Foundation an to become an individual or institutaionl member of GOLDEN. Members are entitled to use the GOLDEN data for their own research projects or to join the ongoing GOLDEN research projects in cooperation with the Leonardo Centere on Business in Society at Imperial College London.

Join GOLDEN to...

  • Use the GOLDEN Sustainability Dataset
  • Become a member of a reserch network on corporate sustainability
  • Get easier access to companies
  • Participate in the development and deployment of major cross disciplinary research programs
  • Gain visibility for your research in global research communities
  • Join efforts to access funding from research agencies, foundations and businesses.

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Learn. Experiments. Change.

Research Projects

Seize opportunities
to engage participant companies
in knowledge co-creation projects

Field Experiments

Comparing the impact of alternative initiatives to tackle sustainability challenges

Impact co-Labs

CEO and SME Impact innovation groups

Executive Education

Executive programs leveraging research tools
and reflective processes to nurture re-envisioning,
road-mapping and experimentation

Big Data Platform

Universal Database of sustainability initiatives, measurement tools (surveys, protocols, interviews,…)


New Roles. New Opportunities


A purpose with a business

Business is a vital partner in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Companies can contribute through their core activities, and we ask companies everywhere to assess their impact, set ambitious goals and communicate transparently about the results.
Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General

Transformational journey

The transition to a purpose driven corporation demands a deep transformation in any organization and is a never ending journey, that requires inspiration, long term vision, wise mindset, clear curiosity, open collaboration with fellows of ecosystem, creativity for experimentation, as well as new managerial tools and systems


From external collaboration to internal transformation


Re-envisioning the enterprise and developing a road map with stakeholders in the ecosystem to realize the new vision.


Testing transformational change solutions for each business function and market to identify those with the largest impact.


Co-creation of innovative solutions with ecosystem stakeholders and social/green and tech start ups on focused human challenges.

Mindset Shifting

Executive training on different sustainability issues using experience oriented and non- cognitive learning methods.


GOLDEN Sustainability database on corporate sustainability initiatives allowing digital benchmarking with Big Data and AI technologies + stakeholder consultations.


For Public Administration


Bigger challenges. New opportunities

Bigger challenges. New opportunities

We are currently at the beginning of a new era in terms of sustainability. As the drafting of the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN is coming to an end, the challenges posed by the new targets are becoming increasingly clear in their magnitude and depth, compared to their predecessors, the MDGs.

Transformational change: The national and international government institutions, as well as the business community and the representatives of civil society are producing an unprecedented set of commitments to transformational change in the way they will govern, produce, innovate, invest, consume, collaborate and learn. Realizing these changes will be perhaps the largest and most complex collaborative enterprise that the world has ever seen so far.

We collaborate with Government and Institutions to maximize impact of policies:
• Engage in new impact development platform
• Develop innovative SDG delivery initiatives
• Design and deploy field experiments for policy interventions
• Participate in Executive training


Design. Impact.

Strategy Support

Applying assessment, benchmarking and road mapping tools to develop and refine sustainability policies

Innovation Pilots

Testing alternative sustainability solutions to identify the one with the largest impact for policy intervention

Impact Innovation Clubs

In depths exchange with international thought leaders and corporations

Executive Traininig

Executive training for different sustainability issues using experience oriented learning methods

Big Data Platform

Universal Database of sustainability initiatives to select most impactful activities for each community