Catalysing business transformation for HUMAN, ENVIRONMENTAL, AND ECONOMIC VALUE CREATION through the development and sharing of data from the GOLDEN SUSTAINABILITY DATABASE on corporate sustainability behaviour and through TRANSFORMATIVE ACTION IN CO-LABS.

GOLDEN is an innovative co-lab where a global community of executives and experts from Business, Academia, Social Enterprises and Institutions co-create and experiment with databased enterprise models of enterprise for economic and human value creation.

Our distinctive approach to knowledge co-creation combines insights derived from analysing data in our unique database on corporate sustainability behaviour, and from collaborative experiments within business organisations on the adaptation of the core elements of business toward human value creation.

This allows not only the emergence of cutting edge knowledge and insights through academic research projects, but also the nurturing of innovation and change capacity in companies committed to the transition towards integrated environmental, economic and human value creation for all concerned stakeholders.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which business organizations work for the overarching purpose of creating joint human, environmental, and economic value.


Our Mission

We realise our vision by developing and sharing data on corporate sustainability behaviour from the GOLDEN Sustainability Database on corporate sustainability initiatives and by catalysing the evolution of business and their ecosystems through collaborative innovation, learning and transformational change programs.

Human Value

We define human value as the realization of the highest human potential in terms of
well-being, education, work, inclusion and self-actualization in a flourishing natural environment and eco-system.

We deploy this innovative research and impact logic at three distinct level:

Data level

Leveraging insights from the work with the GOLDEN Sustainability Database for creation of models on the optimal sustainability strategies in different settings.

Company Level

Tailored programs focusing on mindset evolution through executive education programs, re-envisioning purpose, road mapping and piloting transformational change.

Ecosystem level

System analysis and intervention strategy design/experimentation for institutions, corporations, industry organisations, and their stakeholders.

The transformational journey leverages the following integrated areas of expertise:

Organizational Change

  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Innovation and business development
  • Identity, mission and culture change
  • Learning and mindset development

Functional Change

  • Human resources management
  • Supply Chains and Operations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Administrative and Control systems
  • Social and environmental impact management

Systemic Change

  • Impact entrepreneurship
  • Impact finance
  • Multi Stakeholder integration
  • Ecosystem thinking and systemic change
  • Systemic analysis and policy design

Human Value Creation

  • Education and learning
  • Health and Well being
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Human rights
  • Environmental sustainability


A global community of researchers, managers and organizations

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Great challenges require joint effort by all the stakeholders concerned with similar goals and shared values.