GOLDEN stands for

Global Organization Learning and DEveloping Network

The evolution of GOLDEN

The GOLDEN program was established in 2010 and went through several evolutionary stages, building on (and integrating) previous experiences, to constantly sharpen the engagement delivery approach



Network and research protocol development



Grant applications and eco-systems change approach


Company deployment

Refinement of research tools and tailored projects


Institutional Collaboration

Intensified cooperation with international organizations

PHASE 5 - from

Research Through Education

Merging field research with innovative executive education designs

PHASE 6 - from

Integrated Impact Development

Engaging business and social enterprise in cross-fertilization, experimentation and impact generation


GOLDEN integrates a variety of skills and expertise. We are academic researchers across business-, social-, environmental- and neuro-sciences, innovation leaders, entrepreneurs, social impact experts, development experts, impact venture capitalists, consultants, human capital specialists, impact finance


Maurizio Zollo

Founder - President

Bocconi University is represented by Maurizio Zollo, Chaired Professor in Corporate Strategy and Sustainability at the Management and Technology Department. Maurizio is also former President of the European Academy of Management (EURAM)  after having served as editor of the European Management Review, EURAM’s official journal. He helped establish the European Academy of Business in Society and served for a decade on its Executive Committee. He is also a co-founder of the Stakeholder Strategy interest group of the Strategic Management Society and a past member of Executive Committee of the strategy division of the Academy of Management.
Before joining Bocconi University in September 2007, he served for 10 years on the faculty of INSEAD in the strategy department. He holds a Ph.D. degree in management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Maurizio also is a member of the Core Members Group.


Frank Brück

Founder - Executive Vice-President

Frank Brueck is in charge of the Program Management of GOLDEN. He holds a Master and Doctoral Degree in Business Administration from the Vienna University of Economics (WU). Previous positions include Coordinator of the Program on Intercultural Competence and Management at WU Wien. He served for several years as Director of the International Studies Center of WU. He is an experienced trainer, consultant and lecturer in Intercultural Management, Cross-cultural Training and CSR. He is President of the Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR Austria) and Executive Editor of the European Journal of Cross-cultural Competence and Management (EJCCM).


Livio Scalvini

Founder - Vice-President

He is CEO and Co - Founder of Golden4Impact and Co - Founder of Golden Foundation.

He has served as Founder and CEO of Corporate Venture Capital, Head and Executive Director of Venture Capital, Global Director of Corporate Innovation, Head of Strategy and Marketing in Investment Banking for International Financial Institutions in Europe (Italy, France, UK). As a Global Director of Corporate Innovation in Intesa Sanpaolo he has shaped and delivered acceleration platforms fo more than 1.200 tech and social start ups, created and managed Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital funds, as well as innovation advisory teams for multinational companies.

He has been Managing Director of Research and Entrepreneurship Foundation (Italy).

Currently Contract Professor in Entrepreneurial Finance in East Piedmont University. He holds a Master in Macroeconomics and Executive Education in Exponential Technologies (Singularity University, San Francisco, US) Social Entrepreneurship (Ashoka, Austria). Former Steering Committee Member of Master in Engineering and Innovation in S.S.S. Anna Pisa, Italy.

He is author of managerial publications in Strategic Planning and in Dynamics of financial markets.

Adriana Caldana

Adriana Caldana

Research Project Lead - Ambassador Brasil
Andrew Spicer

Andrew Spicer

Research Program Lead - Ambassador USA

Vincenzo Vastola

Research Project Lead
Anne Jaqueminet

Anne Jaqueminet

Research Project Lead
Mauro Brunelli

Mauro Brunetti

Program Lead - Ambassador Italy
Kerstin Neumann

Kerstin Neumann

Research Program Lead - Ambassador Austria
Lara Liboni

Lara Liboni

Research Project Lead - Ambassador Brasil
Luciana Cezarino

Luciana Oranges Cezarino

Research Project Lead - Ambassador Brasil

Adda van Zanden

Ambassador Netherlands
Patrick Strooband

Patrick Stroobandt

Ambassador Benelux
Roberta Ribero

Roberta Ribero

Project Lead
Valeria Berchicci

Valeria Berchicci

Program Lead

Board of Trustees

Outstanding quality of research, ambitious strategy, coherence of positive impact, rigorous standard of accountability are guaranteed through a Board of Trustees of intellectual global leaders in academia and business.


Paul Adler

University of South Carolina, USA

John Ehrenfeld


Enrico Giovannini

Università di Tor Vergata, IT

Andrew Van der Ven

University of Minnesota, USA

Sandra Waddock

Boston College, USA

Anne Tsui

University of Notre Dame, IN



Golden is organized in a tightly linked think tank and action tank

GOLDEN for Impact Foundation

The GOLDEN Foundation is the Think Tank, a non profit organization focused on collaborative research on the development of alternative logics of the business enterprise and related public policies.

GOLDEN 4 Impact Benefit Corporation

The GOLDEN 4 Impact Benefit Corporation is the Action Tank focused on developing and coordination of impact co-labs with companies, academic partners and institutions across sectors and countries.
The Foundation shares knowledge and expertise while the Benefit Corporation shares the access to companies and partners. In addition the Benefit Corporation donates the majority of its margins to the Foundation to support research and facilitate the accomplishment of GOLDEN's Mission.

GOLDEN aims at scaling impact at a global level through a partnership strategy with


Research centers and academic institutions


Industrial clusters and associations


Social accelerators


Impact investors networks


Sustainability specialist advisors