Sustainability Centres Community Workshop 2021: Registration Open

News from our Sister Network NBS:

Are you the Director of a Centre feeling the challenges of moving forward on the sustainability agenda? And is COVID-19 only adding to your challenges? If so, please join the Network for Business Sustainability Sustainability Centres Community Workshop on July 12-14, 2021, in Vienna, Austria.

This event brings together a powerful community of more than 170+ business school centres from across the world. The Workshop has been held every two years over the last decade — and just ask those who have previously attended to learn how much more progress they have made in their centre through their participation!

The 2021 Workshop will focus on increasing impact and building collective wisdom. In addition to a day of multi-sectoral engagement, two days will examine how to improve sustainability centre research, teaching, outreach, and strategy.

The event will be either hybrid, with both in-person and virtual participation, or entirely virtual. (We’ll make the final decision on format after the New Year, as COVID restrictions evolve.) Registering now, though, holds your spot for a limited enrolment event.

The Workshop is hosted by the Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy (IBES) at the FH Wien University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication.

 - 10/05/2020

Inaugural Lecture by the President of GOLDEN

Maurizio Zollo

In his inaugural lecture at Imperial College London, Maurizio Zollo, the President of the GOLDEN for Impact Foundation laid out how business can evolve from being the cause to being the remedy of social maladies. With that he also described the core of the research agenda of the GOLDEN for Impact Foundation. See the whole video here.

 - 01/29/2020

GOLDEN is now GOLDEN for Impact

Dear GOLDEN Friends,
We have exciting news from the GOLDEN Network for you. Thanks to the contributions of many of you, GOLDEN’s mission, its architecture and related activities significantly evolved in coherence with the great challenges we are facing.
Drawing on the experiences from working with you and our academic, business and institutional partners over the past years, we sharpened our vision and mission, and set up new structures to improve our ability to achieve our goals in enabling the transformation of business toward the joint creation of human and economic value.

New developments include:

  1. Ecosystem collaboration: providing an innovative platform to business, academia, social enterprises, impact finance and policy makers to co-learn, experiment and scale transformational change solutions;
  2. Dataset: exploration, exploitation and expansion of our unique digital dataset (>1 million expected by the end of March) with global coverage of sustainability initiatives, collected and analyzed by NLP and machine learning algorithms;
  3. Innovation solutions: including the new strands of start-ups and scale-ups covering the supply side of social and environmental innovation;
  4. Learning journeys: integrating individual, organizational and systemic learning pathways designed to foster and experience transformational change;
  5. Areas of expertise: framing areas of expertise to link our research agendas with organizational change priorities;
  6. Research opportunities: pursuing new large-scale knowledge co-creation programs funded by international, government and private institutions;
  7. Partnership models: forging a novel collaborative framework with business schools, industry associations, accelerators, consultancies, investors as well as local and global institutions to tailor, localize and scale impact.

We also shaped a new organizational framework to cooperate more efficiently with different target groups:

  • The GOLDEN for Impact Foundation performs the research activities and hosts the network, GOLDEN’s databases, as well as the collective IP of GOLDEN.
  • The GOLDEN4Impact Benefit Corporation will be the interface to perform activities in cooperation with the corporate world and international institutions.

In close collaboration with Bocconi University, the coordination of GOLDEN’s activities will transition to a new research centre currently being established at Imperial College in London directed by Maurizio Zollo.
The new structure needs to be developed together and each of us can have a key role in this new journey. We invite you to join either one of our four free webinars in which we would like to discuss the new GOLDEN for Impact opportunities with you:

WEBINAR on Cooperating within GOLDEN For Impact

Please choose one of the following dates:
February 13th, 09h00 – 10h00 CET
February 13th, 17h00  - 18h00 CET
February 27th, 09h00 – 10h00 CET
February 27th, 17h00  - 18h00 CET

We are looking forward to meeting to you at these events.

Your GOLDEN Team
Maurizio, Frank and Livio

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 - 02/04/2019


GOLDEN integrates a variety of skills and expertise. We are academic researchers across business-, social-, environmental- and neuro-sciences, innovation leaders, entrepreneurs, social impact experts, development experts, impact venture capitalists, consultants, human capital specialists, impact finance-
See more on our in progress who we are page.

 - 02/04/2019

Deadline Extended!

Call for Papers of Elsevier Virtual Special Issue: Sustainable Management of Natural Resources toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The main objective is to involve academic practitioners to contribute to a better understanding of the scientific basis for decoupling economic growth from resource depletion and environmental degradation while improving human lives. This Virtual Special Issue (VSI) is pertinent to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by making direct connections between resources, environment, economy and achieving SDGs in the different parts of the world. Enumerated below are the themes and objectives of the VSI.

Necessary conversation with Otto Scharmer (MIT)

Webinar International Humanistic Management Association:

Necessary conversation with Otto Scharmer (MIT)

He will present his latest insights and system transformation.


Date: Friday, Nov. 16
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00pm (EDT)


It is no secret that humanity is facing multiple crises. In his work Otto Scharmer has addressed how organizations and their managers can facilitate problem solving that leads to higher levels of well being for all. This will be an open discussion relating to some of the main work Otto Scharmer has been doing from Theory U, to Transforming Capitalism Lab to MITXuLab.


 - 11/05/2018

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